Past Performances

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2011-2012 Concert Season (Inaugural Season)

Inaugural Concert11/13/2011Broadway Performance Hall
American Scenes02/26/2012First Free Methodist Church
Spring Concert05/06/2012Meany Hall

2012-2013 Concert Season

Aurora Awakes11/04/2012Meany Hall
Western International Band Clinic11/16/2012Doubletree Hotel - SEATAC
Dances With Winds02/23/2013First Free Methodist Church
Above and Beyond05/05/2013Meany Hall
Star-Spangled Spectacular - 201307/03/2013Benaroya Hall

2013-2014 Concert Season

Strauss, Gershwin & Beyond11/03/2013Meany Hall
The Pines of Rome02/22/2014First Free Methodist Church
Stellar Winds05/17/2014First Free Methodist Church
Star-Spangled Spectacular - 201407/03/2014Benaroya Hall

2014-2015 Concert Season

Procession of the Nobles11/14/2014First Free Methodist Church
Celestial Light02/21/2015Shorewood Performing Arts Center
Spring Zephyrs05/09/2015Shorewood Performing Arts Center
Star-Spangled Spectacular - 201507/01/2015Benaroya Hall

2015-2016 Concert Season

Time and the Winds11/15/2015Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center
Earth and Beyond02/27/2016Shorewood Performing Arts Center
American Places05/07/2016Shorewood Performing Arts Center
Star-Spangled Spectacular - 201606/29/2016Benaroya Hall

2016-2017 Concert Season

BanDancing10/23/2016Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
Holiday Concert12/10/2016Shorewood Performing Arts Center
Hands Across the Sea03/12/2017Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
Borrowed Gems05/14/2017Shorewood Performing Arts Center
Star-Spangled Spectacular - 201707/03/2017Benaroya Hall

2017-2018 Concert Season

Masters of the (Band) Universe10/08/2017Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
In Their Honor11/12/2017Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center
Some of Our Favorite Things02/11/2018Shorecrest Performing Arts Center